August 28, 2013

3-D Google Glass 2.0

3-D Google Glass 2.0

April 8, 2011

Trump's White Tower

if Donald Trump runs for President in 2012 2016 and wins he could make some changes to the White House :-)

January 3, 2011

why the Apple's App Store logo looks pretty much like the Masonry's symbol?

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as you can see, the Apple's App Store logo looks pretty close to the Masonry's symbol ... what does it mean? is there any relationship?

August 2, 2009

could Google release in 2010 a PlayStation/Wii/Xbox killer?

latest news say that Google has already reached a 75% share in the search engines world market and that it's pretty close to this figure also in the online advertising market (that is the OXYGEN of the online Press, eCommerce, websites, blogs, etc.) of the entire world!

within two-three years, when Microsoft and Yahoo will FAIL to compete and beat Google, the latter could buy the BingHoo! search engine and reach over 95% of the world's SE and advertising market!

the same will happen within two-three years with over 90% of all new cellphones and smartphones (and ALL embedded devices) that, all them, will adopt the free and open source Google's Android whose performances (and available apps) will soon equal those of iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile!

as I've predicted over TEN months ago, Google has announced its own free and open source Chrome OS to be released in 2010 and (early) installed on netbook, but (very soon) on all kind of PC from netbooks (now an XP domain) notebooks, home and office desktops (where now Windows has over the 90% market share) to all (now Linux based) data centers' servers!

it's very easy to predict, that, within two-three years nearly all Linux distros will DIE and 50% or more of all new computers will be Android or Chrome OS based, with thousands free and low cost software available worldwide!

this will happen (also) since the Linux based Android and Chrome OS will be free and open source, needs less hardware and (like other Linux distro) run also on the cheaper ARM based computers, so, the end-user price could be HALF (or LESS) than a Windows/Intel based computer!

however, there is another big IT market in which Google hasn't revealed yet its true plans for the future... and this is the (online and/or DVD) Game Consoles and Software today dominated by three giants: the Sony PlayStation, the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox

well, I believe that, in 2010, Google will start a giant attack to the game market with the release of its own (very low cost) Online Game Console called GooStation or ChromeStation

in my opinion, the Google's Online Game Console will have several aggressive and innovative features and performances that may allow the SE giant to reach up to 90% of the game market within three-four years and KILL FOREVER (within 2013) the PlayStation, Wii and Xbox, thanks (also) to (basic) specs like these:
  • totally free and open source game platform that hundreds IT companies will adopt to develop and build thousands models of the GooStation and sell hundreds millions consoles per year, so, the GooStation will soon become very popular like the cellphones, the old VHS recorders, the LCD TVs and the CD, MP3, DVD players!!!
  • very simple and small sized (to fit on top of LCD TVs) low cost hardware design without any kind of HDD or SSD and/or DVD or Blu-Ray disk driver, so, its end-user price will start from only $99 or less to fall soon (within a couple of years) around $50 or less... and I can't exclude that all consoles will be soon given away for free to very much increase the selling and profits of games!!!
  • powerful ARM or Intel/AMD multicore processor, with high performance integrated 3-D graphics Full HD GPU, 3-D Google's O3D engine, advanced player's movement sensors, hi-speed WiFi and ADSL integrated modems (with optional 3G/WiMax/LTE low cost external module) 3-D TV output and (optional) 3-D polarized glasses for 2-D TV sets and PC displays!!!
  • advanced, firmware resident, Flash/Silverlight-like graphics/game language to allow high quality and very complex games to be downloaded in a few minutes thanks to the small amount of Mbytes that each game needs to be transferred from the web to the GooStation console!!!
  • several thousands classic and new 2-D and 3-D games available on the web for download at a very low price on a "rent it and use" basis and without any need to install or save them on an HDD, but just use them "on the fly" to be so easy and cheap as receive an SMS on a cellphone!!!
[update #1] Just four days after this post, the news that Google has bought the small On2 company seems already confirm my prediction of a (soon released) Google's Online Game Console Platform that could use (also) the On2 video compression software!!!

May 30, 2009

why Bing will be sold for $1 to Google in 2012

as I've explained in the last three weeks, "Bing" is (surely) much better than "Kumo" but absolutely NOT the BEST name for the new Microsoft's search engine, that should be this, however, now that the choice has been made, what happens next?

well, I believe the web will talk about Bing for several months, then, many will know the new search engine (mainly thanks to a GIANT and VERY expensive advertising campaign) but, in 2010, we will still have an SE market share like this:

Google 75%

Yahoo 10%

Bing 5-10%

so, Microsoft will realize that it can't beat Google with Bing + ad$$$ and will buy Yahoo for $20-25 Bn (about twice its real value) but, in 2011, the merged Yahoo+Bing (or "bingHOO!") search engine will reach a 10-15% share, while Google will be near the 80% global market share in the search engines and online ads business!!!

without forget the fact, that, with their billion$$$ of annual revenues and cash and thousands programmers, both Yahoo and Google (but, especially, the latter company) could easy develop and apply the same "new" features of Microsoft's Bing to their own search engines!

then, later in 2012, the Microsoft chiefs will finally understand that "Bing" was the WRONG name and that THIS was the WRONG strategy, so, to avoid to lose further money in the search engines battle, Microsoft will sell its MSN-Live-Kumo-Bing-Yahoo engine to Google for $1




May 12, 2009

could "GNN" be the DEATH of the freedom of press?

news and rumors say that Google could enter in the press market with its own online "newspaper" (and also that it's close to buy part of or all the New York Times) so, my question is "Will freedom of press still exist in 2015 ?" or we will have ONLY a Googlenet (the future new name of internet) with only ONE search engine and online advertising company (Google) and only ONE global news network called "GNN" ???


May 7, 2009

the BEST name for Kumo ISN'T "Kumo" but ...

It seems that Microsoft is finally close to release its new Search Engine called "kumo" that (in my opinion) is a very bad, strange and horrific name, so, I believe that it NEVER will become as "Google" !!!

Fortunately, Microsoft already HAS a better name than "kumo" to use for its new Search Engine... a name WELL KNOWN all over the World and VERY popular, like "Google" or MORE... since, the best, good, ideal, very popular and already well known name for "kumo" is... "Microsoft" !!!

WHY did Microsoft should use a new/bad/unknown name like "kumo" since it can (simply) use its own brand name and URL ???

And this is a screenshot of the (possible) new "Microsoft Search" engine:

Of course, they can adopt (also or only) a simplified Google-like version of the SE user interface with a bigger and multicolor Microsoft logo atop the small search field window

Not only, but, a further advantage of this smart choice, is that Microsoft will be able to compete with Google WITHOUT spend $10-20 billions (or more) to buy Yahoo !!!

However, the biggest advantage of this solution/name is that Microsoft Search will instantly have all the million visits the Microsoft's website receive every month !!!

November 9, 2008

what do you think will/should be the shape of the new Mac mini?

what do you think will/should be the shape of the new Mac mini ?

A) "Classic" with DVD or Blu Ray burner

B) "Slim" with SSD and DVD or Blu Ray burner

C) "Micro/Pocket" with SSD and SD or USB 3.0 external "media drive"

D) "Pocket + Docking Station" same dimensions of a mini but sliced in two modules

October 15, 2008

could the GeoEye-1 spy satellite have a "classified mode" ?

everybody knows that the GPS satellites system has
TWO operational modes:

1. a "clear" commercial/low accuracy mode, and

2. an "encrypted" military/higher accuracy mode

well, my question is: could the Google Intelligence Agency GeoEye-1 new spy satellite have also a
VERY HI-RES "classified mode" ?

Google Intelligence Agency logo/patch/parody... :)

September 28, 2008

the pretty close to GoOS (but not exactly) "gOS"

the Linux-based "gOS" may look pretty close to a (possible) "Google OS" but it's not exactly what I think should be a "NEW" operating system

however, this non-Google OS (sold in late 2007 at WalMart with a low cost Everex PC) is very intersting for low cost machines since its FREE

you can download the latest gOS 3.0 version here

September 12, 2008

"Google OS" (three years ago) on GIZMODO



September 11, 2008

did Google Chrome Beta hides a KEYLOGGER in its code?

an italian programmer's blog (via claims that Google Chrome Beta could hide a KEYLOGGER in its code!

is it true? is the Beta version of Chrome EXACTLY compiled from the released Chromium open-source code... or it has a few "extra line" more...?

September 10, 2008

September 8, 2008

GoOS screenshot on Sony Vaio

  • The BEST and DEFINITIVE Personal Computer and Servers Operating System!
  • It is (and ALWAYS will be!) 100% FREE for personal and commercial use, no ONE cent to pay!
  • TWO TIMES FASTER than Windows XP and Mac OSX and THREE TIMES FASTER than Vista!
  • Nearly PERFECT Windows XP and Mac OSX software EMULATION built-in!
  • It runs native GoOS software and nearly 99% of ALL Windows XP, Vista and Mac OSX software!
  • MINIMAL hardware requirement: 600 MHz processor, 256MB Ram, 1.5GB hard disk space!
  • Tablet PC ready, Media PC and Mobile versions available soon!
  • Automatic high speed PARALLEL processing with Dual and Quad Core processors!
  • NO longer and complex installation needed, just copy the GoOS on a formatted HDD to self-install it!
  • Works fine with FAT32, NTFS, Linux formatted hard disks!
  • Protected GoOS kernel, HDD file system and GoOS system files to STOP nearly all kinds of Virus and Spyware!
  • Hundreds FREE software with the GoOS download including a (Microsoft Office 100% compatible!) GoOffice Suite!
  • Perfectly runs Google Chrome, GMail and all Google Docs, applications and services!
  • NO online and offline advertising, NO virus, NO spyware, NO software or user registration, everything is FREE!
...that could happen soon... :) :) :)

[update #1] Exactly TEN MONTHS AFTER my prediction (above) of an upcoming Google's (free and open source) operating system (I called GoOS) Google has (REALLY) announced its Chrome OS to be released in 2010 !!!
[update #2] That's incredible! The (possible) early screenshots of the real Chrome OS published by Download Squad look pretty much like the GoOS screenshot predicted and published here TEN months ago!!!

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