August 2, 2009

could Google release in 2010 a PlayStation/Wii/Xbox killer?

latest news say that Google has already reached a 75% share in the search engines world market and that it's pretty close to this figure also in the online advertising market (that is the OXYGEN of the online Press, eCommerce, websites, blogs, etc.) of the entire world!

within two-three years, when Microsoft and Yahoo will FAIL to compete and beat Google, the latter could buy the BingHoo! search engine and reach over 95% of the world's SE and advertising market!

the same will happen within two-three years with over 90% of all new cellphones and smartphones (and ALL embedded devices) that, all them, will adopt the free and open source Google's Android whose performances (and available apps) will soon equal those of iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile!

as I've predicted over TEN months ago, Google has announced its own free and open source Chrome OS to be released in 2010 and (early) installed on netbook, but (very soon) on all kind of PC from netbooks (now an XP domain) notebooks, home and office desktops (where now Windows has over the 90% market share) to all (now Linux based) data centers' servers!

it's very easy to predict, that, within two-three years nearly all Linux distros will DIE and 50% or more of all new computers will be Android or Chrome OS based, with thousands free and low cost software available worldwide!

this will happen (also) since the Linux based Android and Chrome OS will be free and open source, needs less hardware and (like other Linux distro) run also on the cheaper ARM based computers, so, the end-user price could be HALF (or LESS) than a Windows/Intel based computer!

however, there is another big IT market in which Google hasn't revealed yet its true plans for the future... and this is the (online and/or DVD) Game Consoles and Software today dominated by three giants: the Sony PlayStation, the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox

well, I believe that, in 2010, Google will start a giant attack to the game market with the release of its own (very low cost) Online Game Console called GooStation or ChromeStation

in my opinion, the Google's Online Game Console will have several aggressive and innovative features and performances that may allow the SE giant to reach up to 90% of the game market within three-four years and KILL FOREVER (within 2013) the PlayStation, Wii and Xbox, thanks (also) to (basic) specs like these:
  • totally free and open source game platform that hundreds IT companies will adopt to develop and build thousands models of the GooStation and sell hundreds millions consoles per year, so, the GooStation will soon become very popular like the cellphones, the old VHS recorders, the LCD TVs and the CD, MP3, DVD players!!!
  • very simple and small sized (to fit on top of LCD TVs) low cost hardware design without any kind of HDD or SSD and/or DVD or Blu-Ray disk driver, so, its end-user price will start from only $99 or less to fall soon (within a couple of years) around $50 or less... and I can't exclude that all consoles will be soon given away for free to very much increase the selling and profits of games!!!
  • powerful ARM or Intel/AMD multicore processor, with high performance integrated 3-D graphics Full HD GPU, 3-D Google's O3D engine, advanced player's movement sensors, hi-speed WiFi and ADSL integrated modems (with optional 3G/WiMax/LTE low cost external module) 3-D TV output and (optional) 3-D polarized glasses for 2-D TV sets and PC displays!!!
  • advanced, firmware resident, Flash/Silverlight-like graphics/game language to allow high quality and very complex games to be downloaded in a few minutes thanks to the small amount of Mbytes that each game needs to be transferred from the web to the GooStation console!!!
  • several thousands classic and new 2-D and 3-D games available on the web for download at a very low price on a "rent it and use" basis and without any need to install or save them on an HDD, but just use them "on the fly" to be so easy and cheap as receive an SMS on a cellphone!!!
[update #1] Just four days after this post, the news that Google has bought the small On2 company seems already confirm my prediction of a (soon released) Google's Online Game Console Platform that could use (also) the On2 video compression software!!!

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