September 8, 2008

GoOS screenshot on Sony Vaio

  • The BEST and DEFINITIVE Personal Computer and Servers Operating System!
  • It is (and ALWAYS will be!) 100% FREE for personal and commercial use, no ONE cent to pay!
  • TWO TIMES FASTER than Windows XP and Mac OSX and THREE TIMES FASTER than Vista!
  • Nearly PERFECT Windows XP and Mac OSX software EMULATION built-in!
  • It runs native GoOS software and nearly 99% of ALL Windows XP, Vista and Mac OSX software!
  • MINIMAL hardware requirement: 600 MHz processor, 256MB Ram, 1.5GB hard disk space!
  • Tablet PC ready, Media PC and Mobile versions available soon!
  • Automatic high speed PARALLEL processing with Dual and Quad Core processors!
  • NO longer and complex installation needed, just copy the GoOS on a formatted HDD to self-install it!
  • Works fine with FAT32, NTFS, Linux formatted hard disks!
  • Protected GoOS kernel, HDD file system and GoOS system files to STOP nearly all kinds of Virus and Spyware!
  • Hundreds FREE software with the GoOS download including a (Microsoft Office 100% compatible!) GoOffice Suite!
  • Perfectly runs Google Chrome, GMail and all Google Docs, applications and services!
  • NO online and offline advertising, NO virus, NO spyware, NO software or user registration, everything is FREE!
...that could happen soon... :) :) :)

[update #1] Exactly TEN MONTHS AFTER my prediction (above) of an upcoming Google's (free and open source) operating system (I called GoOS) Google has (REALLY) announced its Chrome OS to be released in 2010 !!!
[update #2] That's incredible! The (possible) early screenshots of the real Chrome OS published by Download Squad look pretty much like the GoOS screenshot predicted and published here TEN months ago!!!

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