May 30, 2009

why Bing will be sold for $1 to Google in 2012

as I've explained in the last three weeks, "Bing" is (surely) much better than "Kumo" but absolutely NOT the BEST name for the new Microsoft's search engine, that should be this, however, now that the choice has been made, what happens next?

well, I believe the web will talk about Bing for several months, then, many will know the new search engine (mainly thanks to a GIANT and VERY expensive advertising campaign) but, in 2010, we will still have an SE market share like this:

Google 75%

Yahoo 10%

Bing 5-10%

so, Microsoft will realize that it can't beat Google with Bing + ad$$$ and will buy Yahoo for $20-25 Bn (about twice its real value) but, in 2011, the merged Yahoo+Bing (or "bingHOO!") search engine will reach a 10-15% share, while Google will be near the 80% global market share in the search engines and online ads business!!!

without forget the fact, that, with their billion$$$ of annual revenues and cash and thousands programmers, both Yahoo and Google (but, especially, the latter company) could easy develop and apply the same "new" features of Microsoft's Bing to their own search engines!

then, later in 2012, the Microsoft chiefs will finally understand that "Bing" was the WRONG name and that THIS was the WRONG strategy, so, to avoid to lose further money in the search engines battle, Microsoft will sell its MSN-Live-Kumo-Bing-Yahoo engine to Google for $1



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