May 7, 2009

the BEST name for Kumo ISN'T "Kumo" but ...

It seems that Microsoft is finally close to release its new Search Engine called "kumo" that (in my opinion) is a very bad, strange and horrific name, so, I believe that it NEVER will become as "Google" !!!

Fortunately, Microsoft already HAS a better name than "kumo" to use for its new Search Engine... a name WELL KNOWN all over the World and VERY popular, like "Google" or MORE... since, the best, good, ideal, very popular and already well known name for "kumo" is... "Microsoft" !!!

WHY did Microsoft should use a new/bad/unknown name like "kumo" since it can (simply) use its own brand name and URL ???

And this is a screenshot of the (possible) new "Microsoft Search" engine:

Of course, they can adopt (also or only) a simplified Google-like version of the SE user interface with a bigger and multicolor Microsoft logo atop the small search field window

Not only, but, a further advantage of this smart choice, is that Microsoft will be able to compete with Google WITHOUT spend $10-20 billions (or more) to buy Yahoo !!!

However, the biggest advantage of this solution/name is that Microsoft Search will instantly have all the million visits the Microsoft's website receive every month !!!

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